Signature Cocktails

Mojito Margarita

Made with tequila and triple sec, shaken over ice, with mint syrup and a splash of fresh lime juice


Mango Mojito

Muddled fresh mint and slices of lime, with mango puree and rum, finished with a splash of soda water


Jalapeno Buzz

Tequila, lime juice, jalapeƱo infused sugar syrup, fresh cilantro, served over ice


Haba Haba

Muddled strawberries, mint infused simple syrup, vodka, cranberry juice, shaken and served on ice


Tango Martini

Gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, cointreau, fresh orange juice, shaken over ice


Coconut Mango Daiquiri Surprise

Freshly squeezed lime juice, mango puree, rum, coconut rum and grenadine syrup


Sangria Perfecta

Red wine, triple sec, brandy, citrus juice, fresh fruit & fizz


Sangria Blanca

White wine, rum, citrus juice, fresh fruit & fizz

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Waterside Inn, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia