Big Chef Signature Combo

6pc sweet ‘n’ sour wings, 1/2 portion baby back ribs, popcorn calamari, rotisserie chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, smoked onion mash, chili fries


Thai Seafood Noodles

Sweet chili soy reduction, stir-fry vegetables, noodles, dorado, shrimp, scallop, cilantro


Pistachio Herb Crusted Lamb

Butternut squash, rosemary carrot, tomato confit, polenta plantain cannelloni, balsamic berry sauce


Sundried Tomato Risotto

Tomato pesto, goat cheese feta, tempura cauliflower, zucchini, fine herbs, roasted pumpkin seeds, crème de morilles


Honey Roasted Salmon

Bacon braised lentils, mushroom succotash, Cajun crispy potatoes, red wine matelote


Big Chef Burger

Linz ground beef, smoked bbq bacon, caramelized plantain, bacon butter, Caesar salad, Cajun fries


Sticky Pork Ribs

Calypso herbs & spices roast pork, bean salad, cashew, feta cheese, truffle mash, scotch bbq sauce (1/2 rack 55 / Full 99)

$55 / 99

Barbecue Shrimps

Oven roasted corn puree, cumin carrot salad, duck fat rice, sweet chili sauce


Teriyaki Chicken Kebab

Pineapple, onion and peppers with a sesame soy reduction


Coconut Steamed Fish

Coconut milk, mussels broth, curry, marbled vegetables, spinach dumplings, jasmine rice

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